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Fort Kent Elementary School

Principal Robby Nadeau, Assistant Principal Paul Michaud
108 Pleasant Street in Fort Kent Maine 
Phone: 1-207-834-3456                                  Guidance Services: 1-207-834-3411
Fax: 1-207-834-5169                                      Guidance Fax: 1-207-834-5549

Alert! Covid-19

On Monday, March 15, Governor Janet Mills signed a proclamation of civil emergency, which, among other things, ended classroom instruction in all public schools across the state of Maine. This proclamation has a 30-day period, which extends beyond our current two-week school closure for all Valley Unified Schools. We are, therefore, notifying all students, parents, staff, and community members that Valley Unified Schools will be closed indefinitely, until the Governor has terminated her civil emergency proclamation, and it is safe to resume regular classroom instruction. During this period of time, our Remote Learning Plan remains in effect. 
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